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Photo Gallery

Special Event Marking the Launching of Moshe Schnitzer's Biography
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Moshe Schnitzer
 Paz Bar Enlarge
Shmuel Schnitzer and Willy Nagel
 Paz Bar Enlarge
Shmuel Schnitzer, Hanna Gertler and Willy Nagel
 Paz Bar Enlarge
Moshe Schnitzer's grandsons, Ben and Shai
 Paz Bar Enlarge
Sharona Schnitzer and her Daughter, Shani
Israel Diamond Institute
 Paz Bar Enlarge
Israel Diamond Institute Chairman Moti Ganz
Israel Diamond Exchange
 Paz Bar Enlarge
Israel Diamond Exchange President Avi Paz
Israel Diamond Industry
 Bar Paz Enlarge
Moshe Schnitzer's daughter, Hanna Gertler
Diamonds - Leumi Bank
 Paz Bar Enlarge
Leumi Bank MG Galia Maor
Moshe Schnitzer
 Paz Bar Enlarge
On the right: Shmuel Schnitzer's three children Shani, Ben and Shai. On the left: Hanna Gertler, Galia Maor, author Meirav Halperin, Shmuel Schnitzer and his wife, Sharona

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