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VIDEO: Israeli Diamond - Amtalai diamonds

In this Israel Diamond Portal video clip, representatives of Israel's Amtalai Diamonds company present their own version of the famous 4Cs, which are: Credibility, Commitment, Creativity, and Confidence

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Israeli Diamond - Tzoffey's   Israeli Diamond - V.M.K Diamonds
The Israel Diamond Institute takes you behind the scenes and shows you how decisions are made regarding exceptional diamonds. This clip from the IDI focuses on Mr. Avner Tzofia, a diamantaire with over 30 years' experience in the diamond industry, who examines a rough diamond weighing 140 carats and discusses various possibilities for cutting the large stone into a number of smaller diamonds   In this IDI video clip, another Israeli diamond company takes to the Internet to promote its own diamonds. Watch this clip from VMK Diamonds to see how the company presents itself - as a renowned diamond manufacturer that supplies high-quality diamonds to leading diamond companies all over the world
Israeli Diamond - 2G Diam  
Ever-growing competition means that diamantaires have to find new ways of advertising their products and services. Israeli diamond companies are growing more skilled at producing interesting and creative advertising videos. This Israel Diamond Portal clip presents an ad for 2G Diamonds.Watch it to see how a soothsayer looks into her crystal ball and predicts love, marriage, and a diamond from 2G.  

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