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From Aluminum to Titanium: Three Materials that Add Color to Jewelry

/ Retail and Jewelry

Chopard  Enlarge
A new piece by Maria Doulton on the Jewellery Editor explores how the use of new metals, including titanium, ceramic, and aluminum add color to today’s jewelry pieces. 

Titanium: The most prevalent new metal is titanium, which jewelry designers love thanks to its strength, lightness “and the fact that it can be treated to create different colors” according to Doulton. For example, Chopard used blue titanium to create a wave-shaped ring set with sapphires and diamonds. Another stunning example comes from Vhernier, which created a Blue Velvet titanium necklace. The piece, which was unveiled in December, took 300 hours of workmanship. The titanium it’s made of was treated to a 1/10th mm coating of blue, and compliments the 2,200 diamonds used in the necklace.

Ceramic: London-based jeweler Fernando Jorge created earrings made of gold, which he then coated in blue nano-ceramic “to amplify the beauty of the boulder opals and tanzanites” in his piece.

Another jeweler from London, Glenn Spiro, uses both titanium and ceramic to achieve new looks. For instance, his 10.10-carat diamond ring is surrounded by a band of glossy blue ceramic.

Aluminum:  Munich-based jewelry brand Hemmerle explores the characteristics of titanium in a new collection called AL. Christian Hemmerle, fourth generation to run the brand, told Doulton: “We first treated metal to become blue with The [AL] Project, where we set out to explore the unique properties of aluminum. Through a process of anodizing we create aluminum in a variety of hues that complements the natural colors of the stones".

In this way, Hemmerle's aluminum and turquoise earrings highlight “the subtle difference of the two blue hues of the aluminum orbs alongside the turquoise”.
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