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Princess for a Day: Bloom Fine Jewelry’s Rental Service

/ Israel

Bloom Jewelry  Enlarge
Earrings by Bloom
Bloom Fine Jewelry has recently launched a jewelry rental service, designed especially for brides and dubbed “Princess for a Day”. We sat down with CEO Daniel Bloom to talk about the unique service.

How did the idea come about?
We lend jewelry to celebrities for special occasions, and we realized that more women would be happy to have the option. Until now, the rental service has been passed word of mouth in social media, and it even featured in a TV item.

How does the service work?
Usually, at the first meeting, the bride shows us a picture of her dress, and sometimes even a piece of the cloth from which the dress is made. We then match the jewelry to the dress, the hairdo and the character of the event. The brides are happy they can look like a million dollars for one night, and it’s a night they’ve already spent a fortune on. The jewelry complements and “finishes” the look.

What kind of jewelry do you rent?
We have several collections of gold and diamond jewelry. Those designed for brides are classic, “high-profile” pieces. We also offer earrings, chokers, pendants, bracelets and rings. We have a myriad of collections, but only one piece in each.

Bloom pendant
Who are the target customers?

We usually rent the jewelry to brides and the mothers of both bride and groom. Jewelry for an afternoon event will be different than those of a wedding held in the evening, and jewelry for brides are different than the jewelry rented by their mothers.

What are the terms and conditions for renting such high-profile pieces?
We adopt the same terms as car rental companies, although some of our pieces are more expensive than a car. Since no Israeli insurance company has agreed to insure our service, we employ an international insurance company for that end.

Can you tell us of a funny story that happened to you?
In one case, we had the bride and the mother of the groom choose the same earrings. The bride gave up at the end, and chose a different pair.

Bloom Fine Jewelry was established in 1920 in Belguim. Bloom manufactures high end jewelry – gold jewelry, diamond jewelry and gemstone jewelry. Daniel Bloom manages the company in Israel and some of the company’s sales abroad. The company has been active in Israel since 1985, and it is located in the IDE complex in Ramat Gan. Bloom Fine Jewelry manufactures in Israel and buys its diamonds in the bourse.

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