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DukiVeNapo: Gold and Diamond Jewelry for Everyday Wear

/ Israel

Israeli brand DukiVeNapo has come up with a new jewelry collection designed to be worn with casual wear. The collection includes gold jewelry set with white and black natural diamonds as well as color diamonds.

The founders of DukiVeNapo, Vered Koren and Michal Duek, explain: “Our goal was to create a minimalist collection. We want everyone to be able to purchase diamond jewelry for a comfortable price. Many diamond jewelry pieces are expensive, since they are set with wither many diamonds or large diamonds. Every jeweler knows that once they set diamonds in jewelry, it drives up the price of the piece, and so we wanted to create diamond jewelry that is both cheap and suited to casual wear”.

DukiVeNapo’s collection features rings, pendants, earrings and bracelets designed along symmetrical and minimalist lines.

“When launching our campaign, we decided to stress the ugly wave of discrimination and racism. We wanted to raise awareness to the issue, and decided to use the unique colors of diamonds combined with key cultural figures who sympathize with the issue, and are inspirational to others. These figures deliver a clear message on social stereotypes. We wanted to stress the beauty of diversity”.

The campaign uses celebrities painted in different colors and wearing DukiVenapo’s newest collection. For example, singer Maya Buskila was photographed as the representative of the Sephardim wearing red makeup; Jackie Azulay, who is religious, was photographed wearing white makeup; Lina Mahul represented Israeli Arabs wearing turquoise; and Russia native Ana Aharonov wore blue makeup.

DukiVeNapo was founded by Vered Koren and Michal Duek in 2012. Both are traders in the Israel Diamond Exchange, and established DukiVenapo to create something that is both creative and soulful. Their style combines chic with simplicity, and their designs are characterized by clean lines, and use different colors and materials.

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