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Round Flawless Diamonds Expected to Sell for $18M At Christie’s Auction

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The diamonds carry a color grade of D and a clarity grade of Flawless
Two loose round brilliant cut diamonds with a color grade of D and a clarity grade of Flawless are expected to sell for a combined $18 million at the Christie’s Hong Kong Magnificent Jewels sale on November 29.
The stones – put up as separate lots – weigh 35.77 and 35.61 carats and are the largest two diamonds of their type ever auctioned.
Both diamonds were originally mined in South Africa and cut by the Steinmetz Diamond Group. Last year, they were displayed at New York’s Guggenheim Museum.
A statement from Christie’s says that “to find large pieces of colorless rough [diamonds] within the same timeframe represents an extremely rare occurrence… to combine that with the vision to obtain a closely matched pair raises the project to new heights.”
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