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Diamond Miner Looks To Enter Aviation

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One of the largest diamond companies active in Zimbabwe has decided to diversify its holdings in the country and expand them to include industries not directly related to mining operations, including commercial aviation, Diamond Intelligence reported.
Anjin, the Chinese-owned company that mines diamonds in the Marange region, has applied for a commercial airline license to market domestic, regional and international flights out of Zimbabwe. The license requests permission to fly people, cargo and air mail in and out of the country.
The Harare government gave notice of Anjin's application for permit in a government gazette.
Until recently, Zimbabwe had a national airline of its own, Air Zimbabwe, but it is now defunct. Zimbabwe Transport, Communications and Infrastructural Development Minister Nicholas Goche stated that he is hopeful that Anjin will elect to lease planes from the Air Zimbabwe fleet and hire its staff.
In addition to its diamond mining activities and its future aviation prospects, Anjin is investing in the construction of a hotel, one of many it says it intends to build in the country, according to Diamond Intelligence.
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