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Anjin Suspected of Smuggling Zimbabwe Diamonds

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Map of Zimbabwe
One of the largest diamond companies operating in the southern African nation of Zimbabwe is suspected of smuggling diamonds out of the country, the Zimbabwean reported. A truck full of ore with no registration plates thought to be containing diamonds, accompanied by workers appearing to be wearing uniforms of Anjin were reportedly seen in the country's Burma Valley.
Unnamed eyewitnesses claim that they saw the workers filtering the ore and separating the diamonds out. They said that the truck was headed in the direction of the border with Mozambique.
Anjin Investments director and board member Munyaradzi Machacha denied the charges leveled at the firm. Machacha retorted that if illegal activity was suspected, police should have been notified. He doubted that a truck full of diamond ore could not have passed through a region of the country that is marked by high levels of security personnel, according to the Zimbabwean.
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