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De Beers to Sell Diamonds With Smartphone Adverts

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De Beers  Enlarge
Manufacturing diamonds
The De Beers diamond company is looking at the next-generation mobile phone platform as a vehicle to penetrate consumer consciousness in its efforts to increase its diamond sales, Rough and Polished reports.
De Beers brand Forevermark chief executive Stephen Lussier said that the firm was considering developing applications for smartphones, just as it has done for the iPad tablet computer. Lussier noted that this venture might not be applicable for certain regions of the world, such as India, but that in other areas it is a powerful marketing tool.
Lussier noted that one of the advantages of a smartphone advertising campaign is that while a television spot only manages to snag the attention of viewers for half a minute or less, by contrast a smartphone advert can engage viewers for a period more than six times longer, on average, according to Rough and Polished.
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