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Jeweler Accused of $1 Million Diamond, Gem Theft

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Diamond Thieves  Enlarge
Diamond thieves
A New York City diamond trader has been charged with defrauding other jewelers of approximately a million dollars worth of diamonds and other precious gems, Government Security News Magazine reports.
The accused, 36-year-old Tejas Mehta, allegedly took diamonds and other gems from jewelry wholesalers under consignment, with the promise that he would pay them for the items, minus a commission fee, once he sold them. But instead of selling them, it is alleged that Mehta kept them for himself, yet told the wholesalers who he had received them from that the jewels had been seized by U.S. customs authorities.
In order to carry out the ruse, it is alleged that Mehta forged the seal of the U.S. Customs and Border Protection. A U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement's Office of Professional Responsibility special agent noted that this act is considered to be a serious crime, according to Government Security News Magazine.
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