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Harry Winston Diamonds in Spat Over Name

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Lace Diamonds at tender
Canadian diamond company Harry Winston is suing the owners of a small jewelry store in the United States, claiming that the name of their store infringes on their trademark, the Boston Herald reports. The Newport, Massachusetts jewelry shop is called M.K. Winston.
The owners and operators of the Newport shop, Matt and Karyn Khatib, say that they named their small-time business after themselves and members of their family. The Khatibs point out that M and K are their own first initials, and the Winston was the name of Karyn's late maternal grandfather. Matt notes that his own maternal grandfather, a jewelry for over six decades, was the one who schooled him in the business.
Despite the gross disparity in size and scale between the Khatib's operation and that of the firm Harry Winston, which has annual revenues of hundreds of millions of dollars, the Khatibs insist that they will not back down and change their store's name, saying they will go to court if necessary, according to the Boston Herald.
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