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Merkel Supports ECB on Spain, Italy

/ Today's Headlines
Merkel Supports ECB on Spain, Italy
German Chancellor Angela Merkel came out in support of a statement by European Central Bank president Mario Draghi, stating that his organization would do whatever it takes in order to preserve the euro currency.
Deutsche Bank Suspected of Undercutting Sanctions
Officials in the United States are investigating the Deutsche Bank on suspicion that, like British bank Standard Chartered, it funneled billions of dollars to nations under international sanction, such as Iran and Sudan.
Unemployment Rates Rise in Most U.S. States
Between June and July, the unemployment rate in most states in the union rose, and this was true across the board for states in which the presidential election battle is expected to be sharply contested.
New Robot Can Crawl, Camouflage Self
A new robot developed by engineers at Harvard University can not only squeeze itself into small spaces and withstand immense physical pressure but also use dyes to change its color to camouflage itself.
Rage Musician Blasts Republican Ryan
After Republican Vice-Presidential candidate revealed that his favorite musicians are rockers Rage Against the Machine, the band's guitarist Tom Morello harshly criticized Ryan's politics as antithetical to the band's message.
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