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U.S. Crop Failures May Trigger Food Riots

/ Today's Headlines
U.S. Crop Failures May Trigger Food Riots
Analysts say that the worst weather conditions for farming in the United States in the last five decades, combined with a misguided government policy to support bio-fuels may cause people to riot if they don't get access to enough food.
HP Loses Almost $9 Billion On the Quarter
Electronics company Hewlett-Packard suffered a loss of $8.9 billion in the last quarter as sales of its personal computers continued to decrease and its write-down of recently purchased Electronic Data was factored in.
Facebook and Instagram Get Deal Approved
The United States Federal Trade Commission voted unanimously to approve Facebook's plan to acquire the photography-sharing online service Instagram, saying it does not violate U.S. anti-trust laws.
Cars Begin to Drive Themselves in Detroit
In the next twelve months, technology will be installed in about three thousand vehicles in Detroit, Michigan that will allow the automobiles to communicate with one another about traffic information and road hazards.
Twisted Sister Singer Miffed By Ryan's Song Use
Dee Snider, formerly the lead singer of glam-rock band Twisted Sister, voiced his objection to Republican Vice-Presidential Candidate Paul Ryan using the group's song 'We're Not Going to Take It" on the campaign trail.
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