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Anjin: We're Not Stockpiling Diamonds

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Map of Zimbabwe
A source at the Anjin diamond mine in Zimbabwe claims that the firm is stockpiling diamonds that it harvests instead of selling them, in order to avoid having to pay taxes to the government, the Zimbabwean reports. In response, Anjin has denied the charges and a company representative called them 'propaganda' that originated with the country's Finance Minister Tendai Biti.
The unnamed source at Anjin stated that on some days, the diamond company's multiple processing plants producing upwards of 40,000 carats daily. Anjin board member Munyaradzi Machacha denied the allegations, and while he would not give an exact figure, he said that Anjin produces far less than that number, on the order of 1,000 or 2,000 carats every day.
Another often-cited claim, that Anjin is in part owned by elements in the Zimbabwean military, was also denied by Machacha, according to the Zimbabwean. Machacha called attributing ownership of Anjin to the country's army 'popular fiction'.
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