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Cost of Living Rises in U.S.

/ Today's Headlines
Cost of Living Rises in U.S.
The cost of living in the United States of America rose in August by more than it had in the previous three years, with the consumer price index increasing by 0.6%. The change was likely due to the increasing cost of fuel.
Dollar Drops, Stocks Up After Fed Bond Buy-Up
After the U.S. Federal Reserve's purchase of mortgage-backed bonds rose to $40 billion worth per month, the dollar dropped in value as opposed to foreign currencies, but American stocks gained in value, on average.
News Corp Chair Resigns After Firm Splits
Tom Rothman, chair of 20th Century Fox film will leave the company by the end of 2012 as News Corp splits into two distinct firms, one which produces news and the other which produces entertainment products.
PCs No Longer DRAM Chips' Best Customers
For the first time since the 1980s, personal computers are do not account for the majority of memory chips made in the world. The chips are also used by cellular phones and tablets, which are growing markets, as well as server computers.
Anti-Islam Film Maker Questioned
After a film critically portraying the Muslim prophet Muhammed was released and aroused the anger of pious people around the world, the film's creator was brought in for police questioning over alleged bank fraud probation violations.
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