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Analyst Charged In IBM Acquisition

/ Today's Headlines

Analyst Charged In IBM Acquisition
The U.S. Justice Department and Security and Exchange Commission charged a broker for insider trading concerning computer company IBM's $1.2 billion purchase of the SPSS firm in 2009.

Ford Invests $773 Million In Michigan
American automobile manufacturer Ford has spent $773 million in the state of Michigan, which will create 2350 new jobs. The firm is committed to investing $6.2 billion in the United States by 2015.

Starbucks Debates Entering Political Arena
Coffee store chain Starbucks is asking its employees in Washington, D.C. write a political message on coffee cups today and tomorrow in order to encourage Congressional leaders on both sides of the political aisle to figure out a solution to the country's impending "fiscal cliff".

Apple Factories in China Improving, Says Times
A new report by the New York Times says that working conditions in electronics factories in China assembling Apple computer products are getting better thanks to media coverage, but that many improvements must still be made.

U.K. Honors Doctor Who With Stamp
On the fiftieth anniversary of the British science-fiction show Doctor Who, the United Kingdom has released a set of postage stamps honoring all eleven actors who have played the protagonist of the show.

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