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IDE President Yoram Dvash: HK Show Signals Positive Trend in Demand for Diamonds

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Yoram Dvash
IDI  Enlarge
 IDE President with visitors at the Israeli Diamond Pavillion at HK Show
The Hong Kong International Diamond, Gem & Pearl Show closed on March 4 with positive business sentiment from both the buyers and the Israeli exhibitors.

IDE President Yoram Dvash, who attended the show, summarized the event: “This year’s show was a good one; not compared to three or four years ago, but certainly an improvement compared to last year’s show. A great number of buyers arrived, but in contrast to previous shows, which were marked by large numbers of buyers from India, we saw an impressive number of Chinese buyers this year, as well as buyers from additional Far East countries”. Dvash noted that Hong Kong’s Financial Secretary also attended.

The impressive number of buyers from the Far East, said Dvash, “validates the improved business sentiment felt at diamond markets in Asia”. All in all, Dvash added, “it was a very positive show. Some goods sold better than others, and that’s natural for every show”.

Dvash noted that this year’s show is another positive indicator of an improvement in the global diamond industry: “The Hong Kong Show is a litmus test for the state of Asian markets, and when demand is positive in the Far East, it affects the sentiment in the global diamond market”.

In meetings Dvash held in Hong Kong with bourse leaders from around the world as well as executives from global companies, the participants complimented the 6th International Diamond Week held in Israel in February, and expressed optimism for growth in the Far East. Dvash added that during the meetings with other bourse leaders, they agreed to appeal to the show’s organizers not to exhibit synthetic stones alongside natural diamonds in the future.
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