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Ivanka Trump’s Jewelry Brand Moves from Fine to Affordable

/ Retail and Jewelry

Ivanka Trump
Albert H. Teich /  Enlarge
Ivanka Trump
Ivanka Trump, one of US President Donald Trump’s daughters, has decided to discontinue the production of her fine jewelry line “in favour of more affordable collections”, according to Jewellery Focus.

The fine jewelry line sells high-end jewelry, such as “diamonds earrings for nearly $10,000 and link necklaces for close to $20,000”. The line will be replaced by by more affordable pieces of jewelry such as a faux pearl earrings for $35 or necklaces for $58.

Abigail Klem, president of the brand, is quoted as saying to Racked that the company’s focus will be “on existing and new categories that are most relevant to our loyal customers, including fashion jewellery, which successfully launched last fall with price points that are aligned with the rest of our collection”.
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