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Gemory Diamonds Come With Internal Grading Reports

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Gemory, which brought the picture-inside-a-diamond concept to the diamond market last year, has launched Rep' Inside, a new service in which a diamond's grading report is injected into the stone using Gemory's proprietary nanotechnology, DiamondPure, reports the National Jeweler.


DiamondPure permanently embeds high-resolution grayscale photographs on any size diamond, using the same technology Gemory as the picture-in-a-diamond concept, without impacting the quality of the stone.


In Rep' Inside, the grading report is positioned below the diamond's table or any other facet surface. It is not visible to the naked eye but the report can be seen using Gemory's portable viewer, the GemmaView, which retails to the public for $150, but can also be purchased by retailers who would like to use the device at point of purchase or with curious consumers, explains National Jeweler.


Gemory will be offering Rep' Inside directly to manufacturers, retailers, grading labs and the public, and samples of diamonds with grading reports injected can be seen at the upcoming JCK show in Las Vegas, at the International Gemological Institute's booth.


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