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‘Diamonds on 45: Diamonds as Creators of Music’

/ Israel


Alex Kucherenko  Enlarge

The ‘Diamonds on 45: Diamonds as Creators of Music’ exhibit combines diamonds and music – one a physical and the other a spiritual sphere – to show how diamonds have been used in a variety of ways to promote popular culture over the years.

The exhibition features wind-up gramophones with steel needles, electric gramophones with old needles, and advanced gramophones with diamond needles. It also presents diamond-related songs from different genres and periods, mostly from the Israeli musical repertoire, as well as diamond jewelry.

“Diamonds and jewelry set with diamonds are perceived as rare and valuable objects that are beyond the reach of most people. Yet, It is not necessary to attain great wealth in order to enjoy them: diamonds are integrated into various apparatuses in order to enhance the quality of our everyday life in the fields of medicine, construction, science, and - as this exhibition reveals – music,” says Israel Diamond Institute Managing Director Eli Avidar.

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