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iDiamonds –Software that Brings Rapaport's Price List to the iPhone

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diamond pricelist
Roei Kashi

Every savvy diamond dealer uses the Rapaport Price List several times a day. There is no doubt that this price list is an essential tool for diamond dealers all over the world. At the office, an online or printed list can be of aid but reading hundreds of small figures can be exceedingly tedious. How can the process be simplified for the diamond dealer? And what happens if you want to consult an updated diamond price list when you’re outside the office or abroad? How can you be sure to be updated regularly while on the move?


Due to its dynamic nature, the diamond industry works around the clock in different time zones across the globe. Roei Kashi, son of diamantaire Moti Kashi, has had a close acquaintance with the diamond industry ever since his childhood. In addition, he is a software engineer and a Stanford University graduate with a double major in Economics and Industrial Engineering. He decided to develop a new kind of software that would serve the diamond community around the clock and around the world.


Roei developed new software that is compatible to Apple's iPhone and enables quick and easy access to the Rapaport Price List.

diamond pricelist
Diamond pricelist on iPhone

This device offers filtering possibilities using all of the accepted options such as color, clarity, shape and weight, which contribute to the price calculation of a carat and the whole diamond.     


With the help of this software, it is possible to download the most updated information from the RapNet website on condition, of course, that you are a member. If you have not yet subscribed to RapNet it is possible to do so through


The iDiamonds software can be purchased at Apple’s online store - Apple Store - by conducting a search using the word iDiamonds. You can also purchase the software through your iPhone by going into its software store and entering the word iDiamonds.     


To visit the software's website:

For questions regarding the software, contact the software developer, Roei Kashi, at


By: Rachel Lieberman
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