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U.S. Banks Receive White Powder Packages on May Day

/ Today's Headlines
U.S. Banks Receive White Powder Packages on May Day
Wells Fargo banks received packages containing white powder in anticipation of May Day, historically a workers' holiday. The powder turned out to be non-toxic. European markets did not trade today due to the holiday.
BP Still Sluggish More Than Two Years After Gulf Spill
British Petroleum (BP) has not been able to capitalize on rising oil prices as its production levels of crude oil decreased, two years after an oil rig operated by the firm exploded off the U.S. coast, creating the worst offshore oil spill in American history.
Chinese CPI Hits 13-Month High
China's Consumer Price Index rose two-tenths of a point in April over the previous month, to read 53.3 points, which is its highest level in thirteen months. A figure of over 50 indicates growth in the industrial sector.
Israeli App to Measure Radiation Coming Out
A new mobile phone application that tells users how much radiation they soaked up over the course of a conversation was rejected by Apple but will roll out for cellular phones with the Android operating system.
Singer Unveils New Version of Israeli Anthem
Jewish soul singer Neshama Carlebach debuted a slightly-altered version of the Israel national anthem, HaTikvah, at a conference in New York. The new lyrics replace Jewish references with general ones, to make the anthem applicable to all citizens alike.
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