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New Asscher Jewelry Honors Queen's Diamond Jubilee

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queen elizabeth( credit:Anizza |  Enlarge
Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip
Queen Elizabeth II's diamond jubilee is also being celebrated by the diamond industry with a limited edition series of diamond jewelry, Forbes reports. The Royal Asscher Diamond Company has produced special jubilee versions of its Stars of Africa collection.
The new series, called the "Diamond Jubilee Stars", consists of sapphire crystal half- or full-spheres that contain loose polished diamond within. The diamonds appear to float inside the sapphire spheres, on account of being suspended in a transparent gel substance. The result is similar to the floating effect of a snow-globe, according to Forbes.
What sets the Diamond Jubilee Stars apart from previous editions are the colors of the diamonds, which are red, white and blue, the three colors of the British flag, the Union Jack. The half-sphere version contains 2.12 carats of diamonds, while the full-sphere version contains 4.91 carats. The pieces can only be purchased at the London location of Harrod's.
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