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German Jobless Rate Rises

/ Today's Headlines
German Jobless Rate Rises
The amount of Germans who are currently unemployed rose by 7000 in July, making it the fourth straight month that the jobless figure row. It is a sign that the European financial crisis is affecting Germany as well.
India Power Grids Fail
Approximately 600 million people are without electricity today in India after three of the country's regional electrical grids collapsed, making it the second straight day of the world's biggest blackouts.
Taiwan Economy Contracts in Q2
The economy of Taiwan shrank between April and June by 0.16 % year-over-year, according to new figures. The results were especially disappointing because analysts had predicted that the economy would grow by 0.5%.
100 Walmarts in California Have Solar Panels
Big box retail chain Walmart announced that one hundred of its stores in the state of California alone now have solar panels on their roofs. The historic 100th solar panel installation occurred in San Diego.
Director Says There Will Be 3 Hobbit Films
Peter Jackson, director of the Lord of the Rings Trilogy and the upcoming Hobbit films, has revealed that the new J.R.R. Tolkein adaptations will be spread out over three separate films.
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