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Ford, GM Sales Fall as Toyota, Honda Make Gains

/ Financial News
American automobile manufacturers Ford and General Motors sold fewer cars in July year-over-year while Japanese automakers Toyota and Honda gained at their expense, the Detroit Free Press reported.
Ford sold 3.8% fewer cars in July, while GM automobile sales dropped by 6.4% for the month. Chrysler, on the other hand, posted an impressive 12.6% gain in July. Toyota increased its car sales by 26% for the same time period, while Honda had sales that were 45% higher than the previous month a year earlier.
The sales increases made by the Japanese automakers also reflect the fact that in 2011 their sales were sluggish, owing to the difficulties they faced supplying American dealerships with cars in the wake of the earthquake which disrupted distribution, according to the Detroit Free Press.
GM's share of the American car market has dropped by two points since the start of the 2012 calendar year, from 20% to 18%. Ford's market share dropped from 16.9% to 15.6% during this period.
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