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German Exports Fell In June

/ Financial News
The Federal Statistics Office of Germany said that the country exported fewer goods in the month of June than in May, the Washington Post reported.
Germany $117 billion worth of goods in June, but that figure was adjusted due to work days and seasonal discrepancies to $114 billion. Still that figure was 1.5% less than the country's exports for the month of May.
Germany imported about $95 billion worth of goods in June, a figure that was adjusted to $94 billion. Those numbers left the country with a trade deficit of $22 million in June, or $20 after adjustment.
The country's exports to other European Union countries dropped by 0.5%, but that figure rises to a full 3% for EU countries that utilize the euro currency. Significantly, Germany's exports to non-EU countries climbed by an impressive 19.8% year-over-year for the month of June, according to the Washington Post.
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