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Botswana Diamonds Ready to Drill at Orapa Mine Site

/ Mining
Diamond miner
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Diamond miner
Botswana Diamonds is optimistic over new prospective drilling sites that are likely to yield a new batch of diamonds within six months, the company announced.
According to Rough & Polished, the diamond company’s prospecting license has led to 12 drilling targets, five of which are considered to be top priority.

"The new license is proving to be as good as we hoped,” company chairperson John Teeling told Rough & Polished. “We are mobilizing crews to undertake ground surveys on these five to identify drilling targets.”

Botswana Diamonds recently completed a detailed analysis of the sites which relied on high-resolution aeromagnetic data, ground geophysics, and mineral chemistry of an area that covers 262.2 square kilometers, according to Diamond Intelligence. The area sits 70 kilometers southwest of the Orapa diamond mine, which is owned by Debswana.

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