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Botswana Diamonds Finds Two More Gems in Cameroon Project

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Diamond Mining
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Diamond Mining
Botswana Diamonds, the mining firm active in Africa, reported that it had recovered two more diamonds at a sampling project in Cameroon, according to Jewelry News.
It was uncovered at Botswana Diamonds’ sampling project at Libongo, where miners are collecting a 100-ton sample from three sites found to have rock that could contain the elements needed for diamond production.
Botswana Diamonds said that one of the diamonds, a 0.25 carat stone that is near gem quality, was found in a stream flowing through the sample area. The other diamond, 1.3 carats and of industrial quality, was recovered from the crushed sample.
“This is further evidence that our Libongo license ground contains diamond bearing rock similar to that being mined close by, and that this project has the potential to deliver value to our shareholders.,” Botswana Diamonds chairman John Teeling said.
“The next steps are to undertake a bulk sample to identify grade per ton and value per carat and to run a scoping study on the feasibility of the project.”
Libongo is a remote district in the dense rainforest of eastern Cameroon, not far from the Mobilong diamond mine that is currently being developed by South Korean firm CNK Mining.
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