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Russian H1 Diamond Exports Top $2 Billion

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Red Square,Moscow,Russia
Hayk Harutyunyan |  Enlarge
Red Square, Moscow, Russia
Russia's Ministry of Finance published data on Kimberley Process-certificated rough diamonds exported from the country in the first six months of the year which revealed that sales of the gems reached $2 billion, Rough and Polished reports. These revenues resulted from the sale of approximately 15.4 million carats of the nations' rough diamonds.
Compared 2012's figures to the country's diamond industry exports in 2011 revealed that fewer carats of rough diamonds were sold in foreign markets between January and June of this year, but that the transactions generated greater revenue. Russia exported about 18.1 million carats in 2011 H1, garnering only $1.86 billion, according to Rough and Polished.
The top consumers of Russian rough diamonds for 2012 H1 were, in descending order from the largest purchaser: Belgium, with 9.4 million carats costing $1.29 billion; India, with 3.75 million carats costing $381 million; and the United Arab Emirates, with 1.32 million carats costing $74 million.
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