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New Version of Diamond Planning Software Launched

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Lucara Diamond Corp  Enlarge
Lucara Diamond
Sarin Technologies
announced today a new version of its best-selling rough diamond planning software, the Advisor 5.0. The software runs on Sarin's rough diamond planning equipment.
Calling it "radically new," the Israeli toolmaker spent two years to develop the program.
The new version of the Advisor has been developed to further improve the value of the polished diamonds derived from rough goods, while improving the software’s ease of use and its users’ overall productivity.
Advisor 5.0 runs on Sarin's DiaExpert, DiaExpert Eye, DiaExpert Nano, DiaMobile XL and DiaScan S+, as well as on its DiaMension family of polished diamond assessing systems.
“We believe that Sarin’s customers will significantly benefit from the new features we have introduced, especially in these challenging times, when the need for optimal quality, value / yield and productivity have become even more important to the industry,” said Uzi Levami, Sarin’s CEO.
By: IDEX Online
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