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Germany: $2.58 Trillion Bailout Impossible

/ Today's Headlines
Germany: $2.58 Trillion Bailout Impossible
The German Ministry of Finance rejected a proposal to increase the continent's bailout of its banking sector to $2.58 trillion, saying that it was not realistic.
TiVo, Verizon Settle Lawsuit for $250 Million
The digital video recording technology company TiVo has agreed to settle its lawsuit against communications company Verizon in exchange for $250 million.
Apple Says 5 Million iPhones Sold
After only three days of sales, over five million of the new version of the popular iPhone have been purchased, Apple said. The company was not able to keep up with demand.
Hacker Makes iPhone 5 version of Google Maps
After Apple announced that it would be foregoing the Google Maps application for its new iPhone operating system, a hacker has figured out a way to make it available for iPhone 5 users.
Italian Man Nabbed For Posing As Pilot
An unidentified 32-year-old Italian man was arrested in Turin for pretending to be a pilot in order to catch flights, sometimes riding in the cockpit.
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