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Spanish Banks Cut Exposure to Sovereign Debt

/ Today's Headlines

Spanish Banks Cut Exposure to Sovereign Debt
With the European Central Bank buying Spanish bonds, easing funding pressures, Spanish banks are cutting their exposure to sovereign debt for the first time since May.

No BP Settlement Before U.S. Election
Industry analysts say that although it would be considered a boon for Barack Obama's reelection bid, it is unlikely that oil giant BP will settle on a sum to pay in damages to the United States before the country goes to the polls for its Gulf of Mexico oil spill.

White Apple iPads Sell Out Quickly
Copies of Apple's new iPad mini tablet computer that come in the color white were sold old almost immediately, taking only 20 minutes for stock to be depleted. Versions in black are still available.

Israel Police Shut Down Own Computers
Israeli police gave orders to disconnect their computer system from the internet and not to insert any discs or portable hard drives to their computers, fearing that a virus attack by hackers was imminent.

R&B Singer Run Over By Driver
32-year-old 1990s-era R & B singer and actress Natina Reed was killed on Friday when a passing car hit her while she was standing on a street in Georgia. She is survived by her 10-year-old son, whose father is the rapper Kurupt.

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