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Rihanna Diamonds for Fans

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diamond braclet
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Diamond bracelet
Popular R & B singer Rihanna is sparing no expense on promotion of her new album 'Diamonds', gifting fans and friends with polished diamond jewelry and accessories, the Sun reports.
It is common for artists to stimulate consumer interest in their musical careers by giving away free items that are labeled with their name or insignia. But the Barbados-born chanteuse has taken so-called 'shwag' to hitherto unheard of levels, including conflict-free diamond bracelets in limited edition promotion packages of the LP.
The singer's managers reportedly objected to the large expense such a giveaway would entail, but Rihanna felt so strongly about it that she has agreed to pay for the diamonds using her own money, according to the Sun.
During her upcoming world tour for the album, Rihanna will perform onstage with a diamond-encrusted microphone and microphone stand. The album deluxe box set will go on sale in three weeks' time.

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