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Nearly 3 Carat Diamond Discovered At Arkansas Park

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Crater of Diamonds State Park advertisement
The Crater of Diamonds State Park in Ankansas continues to produce quality stones, year after year, without fail. Last week on American Independence Day, one park visitor unearthed a rough diamond almost 3 carats in size, reports.

Kentuckian Terry Staggs discovered a 2.95 carat champagne brown diamond when he visited the park on July 4. Staggs said he has been visiting the park for nearly three decades and that he has previously found precious gems on site, but that this one is the largest of them all, so far. It is also the largest found at the park this year by any visitor, according to

The park's 15-hectare diamond field is the only diamond-bearing site in the world that is open to the public. Rough diamonds were first discovered at the site over a century ago, and it was converted into a public park four decades ago.

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