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Israel Diamond Bourse Gets Top Of The Line Equipment

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Polished diamonds
The Israel Diamond Exchange is once again on the receiving end of a generous gift of complex gemological equipment, and all members will benefit as a result. The IDE reports that the Lior Gemological Equipment company decided to grant its Technology Division a number of items, including a desk with a granite surface, a table light, a device for checking the fluorescence levels in gems, and diamond scales. An additional tool used by diamantaires, a device that measures stresses in gems before they are cut, was loaned to the bourse by Lior.

Lior Strang, the firm's chief executive officer, noted that the scales have a weighing capacity of 600 carats and are accurate to one-thousandth of a carat. The table light used two separate bulbs with intensities of 6500 and 6800 Kelvin, he added, and the granite desktop plate is so effective at preventing shaking that it permits weighing accurate to within one-ten-thousandth of a carat.

Industry Committee chair Yoram Dvash expressed gratitude to Lior on behalf of the bourse.


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