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Israeli diamond designer creates “The Vinci Diamond”

/ Israel

Shlomo Cohen, a leading Israeli diamond designer, who in 1982 was credited with developing the Princess Cut, has released “The Vinci Diamond,” a 62-facet “pentacle” cut that incorporates the precise ratios of the Divine Proportion – a mathematical relationship popularized in Dan Brown’s bestseller - The Da Vinci Code.


“I have been studying the geometric possibilities offered by the Golden Ratio since 2001, which is before I ever heard of Dan Brown or The Da Vinci Code,” Cohen explained.

The Vinci Diamond

The Golden Ratio or Divine Proportion is based on the relationship of three lines, of which the longest is 1.618 times the length of second longest, which in turn is 1.618 times the length of the shortest line.

The combinations of the three are the basis for everything that is perfectly proportional. Examples of past uses of the proportions include the Parthenon in Athens, and the ancient Mayan Sun Temple.


The Vinci Diamond has been patented in Japan, Israel, Belgium and the United States.

By: John Marks
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