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The Israeli Diamond Industry Portal Newsletter offers comprehensive coverage of industry news from Israel and the world:
  • Global industry overview.
  • News highlights from Israel.
  • Import - export data from Israel.
  • Special in-depth features.
  • Forecast tips.
  • Events and trade shows.

The Israeli Diamond Industry Portal Blog Newsletter offers highlights from the IDI's blog, which features in-depth items and special insights into the local and global diamond sectors.

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Synthetics Specifically ‘Made to Defraud’

The Mystery of Two Gemesis Companies Under One Hat


Selling Diamonds and Jewelry in China

The Dress With 100 Diamonds

Kirtilal Mehta

NEWSLETTER No. 119 April

Latest Technological Innovations in Diamond Sales

After Preparing the Groundwork, We Are On Our Way...

Diamond Ring Returns From a Year in the Sewers

NEWSLETTER No. 118 March

Israeli Diamond Industry Salutes Nicky Oppenheimer

We Will Get Through This Too

Diamonds are a Best Friend for Man’s Best Friend

NEWSLETTER No. 117 March

Exclusive Interview with Chaim Even-Zohar

IDI Introduces Marketing Campaign for 2012

Diamond Chokers are Officially Back

NEWSLETTER No. 116 February

The Argyle Pink Jubilee Diamond

Dispersing the Fog Around Insolvency

"Despite Unclear Economic Situation, Consumers Will Keep Buying Diamonds"

NEWSLETTER No. 115 February

Hoping for a Recovery in the Second Half of 2012

New Jewelry Stores in the Diamond Exchange Complex

Whitney Houston

NEWSLETTER No. 113 January

Israel's First Diamond Jewelry Association Formed

Third Generation Schnitzer Makes his Mark on the Diamond Trade

Useful Tips for Buying Valentine’s Day Diamonds

NEWSLETTER No. 112 January

Leibish Prosperity Pink Diamond

Diamond Island – A New Exhibit in Israel’s Diamond Museum

Yair Sahar: Strategic Rethinking of Industry Financing

NEWSLETTER No. 112 January

Three Notable Diamond Jewelry Trends in Israel in 2011

GIA Comes to a Dynamic and Innovative Center

Fixing Diamonds and Jewelry

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