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About Australia


Australia Flag

Australia is the largest island in the world as well as being the smallest continent. Located southeast of Asia and covering 7,686,850 square kilometers, Australia is a federation of six states and two territories - New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria and Western Australia, the Northern Territory and the Australian Capital Territory.

Australia is a member of the British Commonwealth and is formally headed by the queen of the Commonwealth, Elizabeth the Second, whose role is ceremonial.

Most of Australia's population is Caucasian and of British descent. Australia's native population is made up of Aboriginals who constitute some 2% of the continent's population.


Australia at a Glance

Airports: Adelaide Airport in Victoria; Brisbane Airport in South Australia; Melbourne Airport in Western Australia; Perth Airport in New South Wales; Sydney Airport in Queensland

Capital: Canberra

Cities (Major): Melbourne; Perth; Sydney

Courier Companies: Malca-Amit; Brinks Australia Ltd

Currency: Australian Dollar (AUD)

Diamond Dealers Club of Australia:

Electrical Current: V/240, 50 Hz

Fiscal Year: July 1- June 30

Internet Ending: au

Jewelry Fairs: Brisbane Australian Jewelry Fair ; Sydney Australian Jewelry Fair

Languages: English

Public Holidays: ANZAC Day (memorial day) - April 25; Australia Day - January 26; 

Telephone Code: +61 (Adelaide: +8; Brisbane: +7; Canberra: +2; Melbourne: +3; Perth: +8; Sydney: +2)

Time Zone: Greenwich Mean Time +8 hours to Greenwich Mean

Weather: The seasons in Australia are reversed in comparison to the northern hemisphere: The winter months fall in July-August and summer falls in January-February. The country's northern areas are warmer most of the year, while the south is cooler.


Useful Websites

Matthew Field  Enlarge
Sydney Opera House

Australian Embassy in Israel

Australia Government Website

Israel Trade Commission

Israel-Australia, New Zealand & Oceania Chamber of Commerce

Australia-Israel Chamber of Commerce

Israeli Embassy in Australia


Diamond Mining:

Australia is considered the world's largest diamond producer in terms of carats, but only eighth in the world in terms of value. Australia contains active diamond mines and exploration is ongoing to locate additional deposits.


rough diamond
 Rio Tinto Colored Diamonds

Australia is considered the world's leading producer of pink diamonds and many brown diamonds are also mined there.


The Australian government does not claim partial or full ownership and does not profit from marketing supervision. However, it does have the authority to approve marketing arrangements or to encourage value adding means. Diamonds, which are natural resources, are considered the property of the Australian people. The government grants exploration and mining licenses to private entities in exchange for royalties that benefit society.


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