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About Brazil


 Brazil Flag


The Federative Republic of Brazil borders all South American nations excluding Chile and Ecuador. Spanning 3,287,597 square miles with a population of 192,027,341, Brazil is the fifth largest country by both geographical area and population.


A former Portuguese colony, Brazil got its name from the Brazil Tree – a nut tree valued as a great resource by the first settlers. Brazil – unlike its South American neighbors, where Spanish is the official language – is the only South American country where the official language in Portuguese.



LecomteB  Enlarge
 View of Rio de Janeiro

Much like in the United States, the Brazilian Federation is comprised of three distinct political entities, or spheres of government: the States, the Municipalities and the Federal District.  


Brazil's economy is the ninth largest economy in the world in terms of purchasing power. Nevertheless, while Brazil's national product is the highest for its region, it is still considered low compared to Western nations. Brazil's wide array of financial services makes it attractive to US companies operating in South America.


Brazil at a Glance

Airports: Brasilia International Airport ; Rio de Janeiro ; Salvador  ; Sao Paolo

Capital: Brasilia

Courier Companies: Brinks

Currency: Brazilian real (BRL)

Diamond and Jewelry Market: Read about Brazil’s Diamond and Jewelry Market

Diamond Producer: Read about Brazil’s Diamond Production

Diamond Trade Show: Feninjer - Brazilian Gems & Jewellery Show

Driver’s license: International drivers license

Electrical Current:  220V / 50 HZ and 110V / 60HZ

Internet Domain ending: br

Jewelers: Bruner ; H. Stern ; Manoel Bernardes ; Vianna

Official Language: Portuguese

Public Holidays: January 1, Shrove Tuesday, Good Friday, Easter, April 21: Tiradentes' Day; May 1: Labor Day; Corpus Christi; September 7: Independence Day; October 12: Our Lady of Aparecida Nossa Day; November 2: All Souls Day; November 15: Proclamation of the Republic Day; Christmas

Telephone Code: Brazil: +55, Brasilia: +61, Rio De Janeiro: +21, Sao Paulo: +11, Salvador: +71

Time Zone: GMT-5

Weather: Brazil enjoys tropical weather year-round. Summertime is between December and April and winter usually lasts between June and August, although the climate's tropical inclination means rain is always imminent. Brazil's coastal cities, like Rio de Janeiro and Salvador enjoy a warm climate and an average temperature of 26 degrees.  Brasilia and Sao Paulo also enjoy comfortable weather and temperatures of between 15 and 30 degrees.


diamond Brazil
 Topographical Map of Brazil

Useful Websites

Brazilian Embassy in Israel

Brazilian Jewellery and Gems Trade Association (IBGM)

Israel-Brazil Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Israeli Embassy in Brazil

Sindijoias and the Gemological Laboratory Rui Ribeiro Franco

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