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About Canada


 Canada Flag

Canada is the second largest country in the world (after Russia), with an area of some 10 million square kilometers. Despite its huge dimensions, the country's population is relatively small at around 35 million. Canada is the northernmost country in North America, and it borders upon the United States in the south and northwest, and Greenland in the northeast.


Canada at a Glance

Airports: Alberta (Calgary International Airport), British Columbia (Vancouver International Airport), Nova Scotia (Halifax International Airport), Ontario Toronto Pearson International Airport), Quebec (Montreal-Trudeau Airport)

Capital: Ottowa

Cities (Major): Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Vancouver

Courier Companies: Malca Amit and Brinks Canada

Currency: Canadian dollar

Diamond Trade Shows: JCK Toronto, Expo Prestige

Driver's License: International driver's license valid in Canada for three months

Electrical Current: V/120V, 60 Hz110

Internet Domain Ending: ca

Official Languages: English and French

Public Holidays: In addition to Canadian Public Holidays, there are holidays at the provincial and territorial level.

Telephone Code: +1 (Ottawa +613; Toronto +647; Vancouver +778; Montreal +450)

Time Zone: Greenwich Mean Time – 8 hours

Weather:  In the centre of the country, the climate is continental with warm summers (July average 15-25°C) and cold, snowy winters (January average -16 to -6°C). The maritime climates of the east and west coasts tend to be milder in winter and cooler in summer. 


Useful Websites

Gunther  Enlarge
Toronto at night

Economic Mission of Israel in Canada

Israel Consulate in Montreal

Canadian Embassy in Israel

Israeli Embassy in Ottawa

Consulate General in Toronto

Israel-Canada Chamber of Commerce

Canada Department of Finance

Canada Revenue Agency

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