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About Russia


ussian flag
 Russian Flag

As the largest country in the world today, Russia has maintained its historical status as a major world power even after the dissolution of the former Soviet Union in 1991.

Russia's economy is the ninth largest in the world, though is expected to become the 7th largest economy in the world by the end of 2013, overtaking Spain and Italy.


The first diamonds in Russia were found in the Zarnitsa district in 1954. ALROSA, a government owned diamond mining company which is run as a monopoly, is essentially the controlling body of diamond trading in Russia together with its many subsidiaries.


Russia has a long history of jewelry making since the former royal houses were known as great collectors of jewelry.  The best jewelers worked for the Czar, the most well-known of whom was Karl Faberge', who worked for the House of Romonov. 


The modern Russian jewelry market is well established and has a broad infrastructure for marketing and plenty of natural sources for raw materials. 


Russia at a Glance:

Airports: Moscow: Domodedovo, Sheremetievo

Capital:  Moscow

Cities (Major): Kazan; Moscow; Nizhny Novgorod; Novosibirsk; Omsk; Samara; St. Petersburg; Yekaterinburg

Currency:  Ruble

Courier Companies: Brinks; Malca Amit

Diamond Exchanges: Diamond Chamber of Russia; The Moscow Diamond Bourse

Drivers License: International Drivers License

Electrical Current:  220V, 50Hz

Internet Domain Ending:  .ru

Language:  Russian

Public Holidays: New Year, Christmas (Russian Orthodox), Former New Year, St. Valentine's Day, National Homeland Day, International Women's Day, Outer Space Day, Labor Day/May Day, Victory Day, Independence Day, Education Day, Unification Day, Constitution Day

Time Zone:  GMT +2 to GMT +12

Telephone Area Codes: +7 (Moscow +495)

The Kremlin by night

Weather: The climate in Russia varies from continental, to arctic to areas with very warm summers.


Useful Websites

Economic Mission of Israel in Russia

Israeli Embassy in Russia

Russian Embassy in Israel


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