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Israel Diamond News

Star of David Diamond Goes on Display at Harry Oppenheimer Diamond Museum in Ramat Gan

04.05.16, 08:36 / Israel
In honor of the 68th anniversary of the founding of the State of Israel, a diamond featuring a distinctive Star of David diamond ‘cloud’ is ...

Israel Diamond Exchange President Yoram Dvash Reiterates Zero Tolerance Policy

28.04.16, 08:11 / Israel
Following the discovery of an alleged massive embezzlement by a member of the Israel Diamond Exchange (IDE), IDE President Yoram has reiterated ...

Israel Diamond Exchange Holding Meeting to Discuss Anti-Money Laundering Regulations

26.04.16, 08:26 / Israel
The Israel Diamond Exchange (IDE) is to host a meeting to discuss the implementation of anti-money laundering regulations affecting the diamond ...

Israel’s Rough Diamond Exports Up by 26.7% in First Quarter of 2016

21.04.16, 09:27 / Israel
Rough diamond exports from Israel during the first quarter of 2016, at 3 million carats worth US$684.5 million, increased by some 26.7% from ...

Optimism in the Diamond Sector - Market Report

18.04.16, 10:01 / Israel
Sentiment in Ramat Gan was positive in mid-March when Israeli diamond dealers returned from the Hong Kong show with greater optimism about ...

eBay Recognizes the Potential of the Diamond Sector

18.04.16, 09:22 / Israel
Israel Diamond Exchange President Yoram Dvash has spoken about the potential of marketing diamonds on eBay during a seminar to provide eBay ...

Israel Diamond Exchange President Yoram Dvash: Backing Diamond Industry Makes Good Business Sense

31.03.16, 10:44 / Israel
Israel Diamond Exchange (IDE) President Yoram Dvash notes that a news report last week that Standard Chartered Plc is demanding more loan ...

Israel’s Precious Stones Exchange To Hold Buyers Day Event

31.03.16, 10:39 / Israel
The Israel Precious Stones and Diamonds Exchange (IPSDE) is holding a one-day fair for the sale of precious stones and diamonds, marking the ...
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