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Y. Dvash – Long Established Diamond Manufacturer

/ Israel


half moon diamond
Ydvash  Enlarge
 Half moon diamond
After working for several years as a diamond cutter in his uncle's factory, eventually managing the plant's 50 employees, Yoram Dvash established the firm Y.Dvash in January 1991, at the age of 27.

Today the firm has 40 employees, some of them relatives, in its Israel, New York and Hong Kong offices, and at its factory in Ramat Gan. "We are one big family involved in the business - they look out for me and I look out for them."

With the experience and knowledge that he gained in the factory, Yoram began to market the company in the United States and to establish a pool of clients.

Ascher diamond
Ydvash  Enlarge
 Asscher cut

"I understood that even if I acquire the right rough diamond, and even if I use all my experience to create the best possible polished diamond, I still wouldn't have the clients to purchase the final product, so first of all I began searching for a way to market in the United States, and only later did I build the bulk of the company at the Israel Diamond Exchange.

He took care to adapt to changes in the marketplace and to always be organized and efficient, in order to establish a reputation in the global diamond industry. In fact, the company built itself a reputation as a dependable leader in square-cut, 0.10 to 5.00-carat diamonds of especially high clarities, and a high standard of cuts - Princess, Emerald, Cushion, Asscher and Radiant.

We prepare Emerald, Princess and Asscher cut diamonds according to measurements, ready to mount in a bracelet or ring, at high clarities.

As such, the company produces an enormous amount of rounds of 1.00 to 5.00 carats, fancy pear-shaped, and ovals of 1.00 carat and up.

The company now has a large and diverse stock of square and round stones with and without GIA, EGL and IGI certificates, expensive merchandise that arrives from the company factory in Ramat Gan.

"We are careful with our consistent sorting and trade in small diamonds, smaller than a carat. That way the customers benefit from the continuous production and the precision of the sorting, and they know what kind of merchandise they will get when they make an order. We are diligent about a high level of cutting, so that the stone will receive the respect it is due and so that its beauty will be maximized when mounted in jewelry, and hence preserve its value."

Polished diamonds are marketed by offices in Israel, New York and Hong Kong, and via an agent in India.

The company produces a wide range of merchandise, allowing for conducting business in several markets, which require different types of goods.

A stone that is in high demand in the East Asian market might well be in lower demand in the United States, and the opposite may also be true.

The rounds that we produce are in demand all over the world, in various sizes, colors and clarities.

Fancy square cuts were once in demand in the American and Israeli markets, but today there is also increasing demand in the markets of East Asia, which are more active than they were in the past - and this is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of marketing to this massive market. Regarding the mounting of diamonds into pieces of jewelry, measured diamonds are in demand all over the world, from time to time.

The merchandise must be measured and accurate, and the stones must match each other in quality, in terms of color, clarity and measurements. These kinds of jewelry are sold all the time all over the world.

The United States is the number one consumer of diamonds in the world, but there's nothing preventing this situation from changing and the rapidly-developing countries of East Asia (e.g. India, China, etc.) taking the number one spot in diamond consumption.

These markets are "slumbering" for geo-political and economic reasons, due to government policies, etc. The dam has now burst and demand is rising consistently.

For several years, the firm has participated in the large international exhibitions in Las Vegas in June, Hong Kong in March, June and September, and this year it will also appear in Singapore in July and Hong Kong in November.

"The conferences give us an opportunity to meet new customers, and to maintain connections with existing customers. Our booth always features the company logo and people have come to recognize us from the bee that appears within. Beyond the literal translation of Dvash, which means honey in Hebrew, we have turned the honeybee into our mascot because we identify with the bee's intense activity and creativity."

In addition, every year some of our profits are allocated to develop new fields. "This is a global and dynamic field that changes all the time, and you have to know how to change with it."

In 1999, the company for the first time joined the list of leading exporting companies, and in 2010 the firm was among the 25 largest exporters.

In 2012, Yoram was selected to the Israel Diamond Manufacturers Association's Acting Committee, out of the desire to contribute to the industry with the professional knowledge that he accrued, and in order to take a more active role in the development of the industry.

"We are creative and we have soul. We are among the few manufacturers that have worked in the country continuously, manufacturing regardless of the fluctuations of the market. We tailor-make to suit our clients, we provide for their needs rapidly and soberly. We deliver the goods in real time, efficiently, so they will be able to satisfy their end-users. We have developed a unique and flexible business practice in order to satisfy the needs of all our clients, every last one.

Like a creative and industrious bee, we too, at Y. Dvash work day and night, diligently and studiously in order to provide the best possible polished diamonds, made especially for the client.

For us, diamonds are not only a business, but a magical, creative, emotional world of its own.

The things that are the most important to us is maintaining warm, strong connections with our clients. It is important to us to escort our clients all the way, and that is why most of them are return customers. The advantage of manufacturing allows us to respond to special needs and requests of the market - and the ordinary ones, as well.

The firm understands the customers' needs to communicate and receive information via the internet and as such is diligent about updating its website, which displays the company's stock in a user-friendly system. We are also active in social media, which are becoming popular of late, and there we publish news about the company's activities, exhibitions and future plans.


Diamond Exchange Center

Yahalom building, suite 1564-8

21 Tuval Street

Ramat – Gan 52131


Tel: 972-3-5755703/6

Fax: 972-3-5755881

Toll free from USA: 1-917-775-9791



15 West, 47th Street, Suite 711

New York, NY, 10036


Tel: 212-719-1119

Fax: 212-719-3015


Room 502 , 5 / F

Queen's Place Building

74 Queen's Road

Central, Hong Kong

Tel: 852 2521 2885 / 2878

Fax: 852 2522 7080

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