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From Manufacturer to Consumer: H.S. Diamonds

/ Israel



HS Diamonds  Enlarge
HS Diamonds


H.S. Diamonds was established in 1976 and is managed by its founder, Herzl Siton. The company manufactures and trades in 1 carat to 5 carat diamonds, mainly round and special cut diamonds (SI1-VV2 clarity grades). H.S. Diamonds’ main market is the U.S. and East Asia.


According to Siton, “we aim to maximize the potential of every stone so we can produce the most sparkling diamond. I personally supervise the polishing of every stone. We want happy customers, and we want every customer to be a repeat customer”.


H.S Diamonds manufacture their diamonds in Israel and then market the stones worldwide, principally to the U.S. and East Asia. “We have a clear advantage over our competitors as we offer attractive prices”, says Siton. “In addition, our customers know that they get their goods directly from the manufacturer”.


In an effort to cater to their customers and appeal to new ones, H.S. Diamonds regularly exhibits in diamond and jewelry shows around the world, including Las Vegas, New York and Ramat Gan. Their inventory is featured on their website.


HS Diamonds  Enlarge
HS Diamonds


 Siton began his career in the industry as a polisher and after gaining experience, moved to the U.S. After advancing in the field, he came back to Israel and opened his own company in the Israel Diamond Exchange. His children, Guy and Nir, also work in the company, taking H.S Diamonds into the 21st century.


“We’re known for our personal touch, professionalism and integrity,” explains Siton. “I’ll give you an example. A few years ago, a neighbor came to me, and asked to appraise a diamond she’s owned for years. It was set in a ring she had received from her great grandmother, and after appraising the stone in our offices, we found it was a cheap, worthless fake. Instead of speaking to her, I approached her husband. I told him of our appraisal, and he solved the problem by buying a diamond from us, and replacing the fake stone with a real one.”


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