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Get to know Tweezar: The Latest Gadget in the Diamond Industry

/ Israel


The Tweezar  Enlarge

The need to produce high-quality images of diamonds easily, on the go and on a budget gave birth to Tweezar – a device that scans diamonds in 19 seconds and with one click. Tweezar produces high resolution images that can be saved and then sent using WhatsApp.

Tweezar is a small, rectangular device that’s easy to carry. All that users have to do is take the stone, slide into the device, and click Start. Since the device is battery powered, it does not require the user to be near a power outlet.  After the image is produced, users can use the Tweezar app, which has embedded optical character recognition (OCR) technology, to scan the stone’s GIA certificate.

Tweezar was founded by Carlo Rubinstein, a Belgian-born diamantaire who made aliyah ten years ago. “The idea for Tweezar followed a sense of inefficiency when trying to work online”, Rubinstein explains, “the entire industry is changing, and online business is taking over. It’s cost-saving, reaches more consumers and increases sales. But in order to work efficiently with the internet, you need to develop the appropriate tools. That is, high-quality diamond images and a scanned certificate that you can produce quickly and hassle-free.

How did you begin to develop Tweezar?

“The old-fashioned Israeli way – a friend recruiting another friend. I contacted Michael Kolomenkin, a Ph.D. student at the Department of Electrical Engineering in the Technion. Michael specializes in image processing and computer graphics. He brought with him a friend of his, Yaron Cohen, who is also a Technion graduate, and a missile defense system engineer. He coincidentally comes from a family of diamond exporters. We’ve been working together on Tweezar for a year, and I’m responsible for marketing”.

What’s so special about Tweezar, compared to other diamond imaging solutions in the market?



“Diamond imaging is a tricky business, mainly because of the light reflected back from the stone. We developed a patented method that takes pictures just like a DSLR camera, with the same quality but in less time. It takes less than 20 seconds to produce an image with Tweezar, and it is operated using a smartphone. The diamond certificate is captured using OCR technology. The app recognizes the certificate and automatically converts the data to text. Both formats – image and text – are saved. Using Tweezar, diamantaires can work flawlessly without having to wait for data to be uploaded”.

When do you plan to launch the product?

“We’ve presented the first model to diamantaires and clients, and received enthusiastic responses regarding the ability of the device to produce high quality images and how simple it is to use. We plan to begin marketing in early 2016, after we’ve let more people use it, so we can make improvements if needed”.

Rubinstein concludes by saying that he’s thrilled to be promoting technological advances in the diamond industry: “The development, design and manufacture of Tweezar are 100% Israeli. Our investors come from the industry, and we’ve gotten help from professionals who devoted both time and effort to make this possible”. 

By: Iris Hortman
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