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Inhorgenta Munich: Individual, Inspiring and Innovative

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IDI  Enlarge
 Stefanie Mandlein during her visit to Israel

Stefanie Mandlein visited Israel to speak with members of the Israel Diamond Institute in the final quarter of the year. The Executive General Manager of the INHORGENTA MUNICH show met them to present this European trade show. It takes place every February in Southern Germany.

As an introduction Stefanie Mandlein gave an interesting insight into the German and global luxury market: The level of demand for jewelry in Germany has remained stable for a number of years. For the European market this year, a level of growth of 3% to 5% is predicted. Izchak Ben-Dor, Chief Executive Officer of the Israel Jewelry Manufacturers’ Association, concurs with these findings, noting that demand for gold jewelry in Germany experienced a 1.3% increase last year. “This data comes from a reliable source – Thomson Reuters – and is significant when you consider that there was a 19% fall in demand for gold jewelry in Europe overall,” explains Ben-Dor.

Stefanie Mandlein, how would you describe the demand situation for jewelry in Germany?

“We have a stable situation regarding growth for jewelry in Germany – even during these challenging times. We have been steady with growth of about 4% for a while and we expect a similar level of growth this year in both Germany and worldwide. All in all we regard the situation as very positive. It’s not like it was twenty years ago when there was huge growth – it is lower but there is still a positive development.”

Which kind of jewelry is most in demand in the European Markets, notably Germany?


Norebbo |  Enlarge
3D Map of Europe

“In recent years, considering market importance and demand, there have been three big transnational trends: High-quality, professionally manufactured pieces of jewelry formed of diamonds or colored gemstones; mid-price level jewelry using artificial materials and gold-plating forming a very luxurious look. On the entry-level price range, jewelry made of different materials, often with a meaning or individual statements: collectible jewelry such as rings and charms – this way, each buyer can combine their own jewelry.”

Please tell us a little about the INHORGENTA MUNICH show

“The INHORGENTA MUNICH show has a long tradition being 43 years old. For decades, we are partner for the jewelry and watch industry and provide this international platform. Maintaining our traditional stance, we combine the show with innovative elements and inspiring impulses. It is a big show (with over 1,000 exhibitors) and growing. The show has 6 halls featuring a great diversity of products – from timepieces to jewelry, and of course, diamonds. The diamond section features tens of booths including some joint booths with a number of exhibitors. There are also events and networking opportunities to take advantage of at the show.”

What about the exhibitors and visitors to the show?

“Last year INHORGENTA MUNICH featured 1,055 exhibitors from some 40 countries. We had more than 26,000 visitors who came from 75 different countries. Most of them were European – coming from Germany of course, Italy, Hungary, Spain, Belgium, Austria, Czech Republic, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland, Greece, and the Netherlands. Asian countries and the United States joined in, too. Visitors’ statistics say that 90% of them have a high level of decision making.”

Why should an Israeli diamond company embrace the INHORGENTA MUNICH show?

“All in all, if an Israeli company wants to enter the European market, this show is the perfect stepping stone. Germany is very stable and this show is the right place to be. When comparing it to Baselworld for example, INHORGENTA MUNICH has a different visitor base. Its inspiring atmosphere allows for a different level of partnership and less hassle. Moreover, costs are easier to handle.

What new features will the show be offering next year?

“New in 2016 is our online matchmaking service which supports traders and manufacturers in establishing contacts, thereby making the trade show visit more enjoyable and efficient. We will also be holding a fashion show with new offerings. And in addition, we are considering opening the show to end consumers at some stage.”

Compared to past figures, the number of Israeli diamond companies has decreased. Therefore, it is a personal matter to the Israel Diamond Institute to organize a members’ trip to INHORGENTA MUNICH show in 2016. Meanwhile, the Israeli company that works with the exhibition venue (Yoni Advertising Productions) hopes to establish a joint booth for Israeli jewelry companies at the February show.

Thank you Stefanie Mandlein

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