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Volume of Belgium’s Exports and Import of Diamonds Rose in March 2013

The volume of polished diamonds exported from Belgium in March decreased by 5.86% compared to March 2012. In value terms, this translates into a 12.02% drop. This is mainly a result of the fact that in 2012, the Basel Show was organized in March, while this year, the Basel Show takes place in April.

Some 36,409.66 carats of diamonds, worth US$107,341,927, were exported to Israel from Belgium in March 2013.

The import figures of polished diamonds to  Belgium show a decrease of 1.79% in volume terms and a drop of 2.75% in value terms. Compared to February 2013 however, we see an increase of 40.58% in volume terms and one of 55.27% in value terms.

In March 2013, 27,753.80 carats of diamonds, worth US$77,511,203, were imported to Belgium from Israel.

When we take a look at the figures of rough diamonds exported from Belgium in March 2013, we see a drop of 20.94% in volume terms, and a decrease of 3.91% in value compared to last year.

Studying the import figures of rough diamonds, we see a decrease of 12.08% in volume terms and a drop of 13.19% in value terms compared to March 2012. In comparison to last month, the volume of imported rough diamonds rose by 6.21%, which translates into a 2.46% rise in terms of value.

Caroline De Wolf, communications manager AWDC: “The diamond business in Antwerp is doing well when you look at the first three months of the year. Both import and export of rough and polished diamonds rose, compared to last month. The figures of March 2013 versus those of one year earlier are virtually incomparable due to fact that some international trade fairs and the DTC sight took place in a different month.“

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