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Industry Links

De Beers
This is the website of the London-based DTC, a De Beers Company. The company assesses and sells about two-thirds of the world's rough production. For 60 years, the company has also dealt in advertising and promoting the sale of diamonds and diamond jewelry worldwide.
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The Diamond Administration of China
The official website of the Chinese government entity which supervises diamond trade in China, the Shanghai Diamond Exchange and the import and export of diamonds in China. The website features news updates, statistics, relevant regulations and laws, and appears in English and Chinese.
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Israel Jewelry Manufacturers Assocation
The Israel Jewelry Manufacturers' Association is a non profit national organization, representing the jewelry manufacturers in Israel. Its main objective is to provide the industry skilled manpower, and to create the infrastructure for the manufacture and marketing of high quality jewelry for exports and for the Israeli market.
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Israel Precious Stones and Diamonds Exchange Ltd
The Israel Precious Stones and Diamonds Exchange is a private company comprising all its members. IPSDE members engage in the manufacture and trade in precious stones and diamonds. The IPSDE provides its members with a secure trading environment, arbitration services and other solutions to business disagreements, as well as office services and safes.
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Natural Color Diamond Association
The Natural Color Diamond Association (NCDIA) is the world's leading authority on natural color diamonds. NCDIA is an international trade organization dedicated to increasing awareness of color as a unique and valuable attribute in diamonds. The mission of the NCDIA is to increase awareness of natural color diamonds by educating and informing both the jewelry industry and consumers about the many wonders and benefits of these exotic and beautiful miracles of nature.
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Shanghai Diamond Exchange
The Shanghai Diamond Exchange is the only legal channel for importing diamonds in China. The Shanghai Diamond Exchange's website offers news updates, diamond exchange announcements, WFDB announcements, information about membership application criteria and the membership application form, as well as business information which is accessible only to diamond exchange members.
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World Diamond Council
The World Diamond Council (WDC) was established in order to develop, incorporate and supervise rough export and import with the aim of preventing exploitation of diamonds for illegal purposes. This site provides detailed information about the Council's goals and its ongoing activities.
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World Federation of Diamond Bourses
The WFDB was founded in 1947 to unite and to provide bourses trading in rough and polished diamonds and precious stones, with a common set of trading practice. The WFDB provides a legal framework and convenes to enact regulations for its 23 member diamond bourses.
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