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A Decade of Ups and Downs

Udi Sheintal The decade began with the euphoria of the new millennium and ended with a global economic crisis that ...

Two Drops From Outside

In the early eighties, just after the “brenn” (a word used when referring to a state of high speculation on the diamond market), with the ...

REVEALING NEW HISTORICAL FACTS: Diamonds Used by Neolithic Chinese

It has always been understood that the first diamonds were found in India around 500BC. However, recently it was revealed that in fact, diamonds ...

The IsraeiI Diamond Industry: Outlook for 2007 and the Future

I see the future of Israel's position in the diamond world as promising. Firstly, the appearance of Nicky Oppenheimer at the World Diamond ...

The Fed and prices of rough

One diamantaire greeted me the other day by saying, "things are tough (what's new). Up until two months ago, I sat on my high quality rough ...

A Banker's Thoughts

It's no secret that the debt of the world-wide diamond industry to its banks, has reached an all-time peak last month. The main reasons ...

Rudolf and conventional wisdom

As gloom spreads across the wholesale diamond markets, some of the more pessimistic forecasts predict US diamond jewellery sales growth for ...

Diamond Jewellery and Economic Realities

From Adam Smith to modern Nobel laureates, all classical economists have recognized that a falling rate of profit in mature industries is ...
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