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Special Diamond Cuts

Among other traits, the Israeli Diamond Industry is renowned for its uniqueness and creativity. One particular area in which the Israeli Industry excels is that of special diamond cuts where creativity, skill and know-how intertwine to create breathtaking new diamond shapes.

Capturing the Best of Two Worlds

What do you get when you artfully combine the classic look of the step cut with the sparkling fire of the brilliant cut? What you get is the ...

Bichachi's Word to the Wise

One of the most basic lessons in Economy 101 is the crucial relationship between supply and demand. If anyone has built and thrived on that ...

The Diamonds Came in Two by Two

Paired diamonds have a special appeal that can greatly enhance the beauty of any item of jewelry. GS Diamonds, which was founded by Yossi ...

Twinkle, Twinkle Rising Star

There is something about a twinkling five-pointed diamond star that simply takes your breath away. "The Rising Star is a rising star," notes ...

Reflexions Rings: Two Stones Mean Two Hearts

The Waldman Diamond Company, an Israel-based diamond and jewelry group, thinks that for an engagement ring, two stones are better than one. ...

Trapz™ Brings New Dimensions to Diamonds

Diamond jewelry is taking on new dimensions with the exclusive special cuts by Trapz™ – the branded diamond line of SWA Trading Ltd., an Israel-based diamond manufacturer.

Lili Diamonds Creates a Bouquet of Diamond Cuts

“Look into the diamond and you’ll see a flower at its core.” The Wondercut™, a new brand by special cut pioneers Lili Diamonds, makes this promise come true.

The Tycoon Diamond: U.S. Designer and Israeli Manufacturer Work Together to Create Unique Cut

Cooperation between Los Angeles jewelry designers and an Israeli diamond manufacturer has yielded one of the most innovative ...
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